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How Not to be POOR by Max Knowles

Max Knowles

Max Knowles

Network marketing master Max Knowles of ACN mentioned the term POOR in one of his talks. It stands for Passing Over Opportunities Real Repeatedly. In today’s world where job opportunities come and go, why should you grab a chance like the one offered by ACN? How can you not be POOR and pass over opportunities real quickly, such as what’s available through ACN?

In the video, Knowles asked the people present who among them were attending the event for the first time. Only a few people raised their hands. Knowles said that the people recruiting these first timers were working smart – because he is the one doing the talking while others are being enticed to join the company.

If you have yet to decide whether you should join ACN or not, you simply need to read about the company and visit Through the website, you will learn about the importance of not passing over such business opportunities that will allow you to earn residual income, and get the financial freedom you’ve always wanted to have.

For those who have their own businesses, joining ACN, Inc. is assuredly not just a Ponzi, pyramid, or some other kind of scheme that you might mistake MLM for. The company actually provides telecommunications, energy, TV and other services through a network of IBOs. These are Independent Business Owners or sales agents, who in turn will recruit new sales agents. This is a business model followed by other direct selling companies all over the world.

Depending on which part of the world it is you’re from, you can use the three models followed by ACN, Inc. in selling their products and services. First is the reselling of the ACN-branded services from the main provider. Second, you can act as a sales agent for the services provider. Third, you can be a direct seller of the services provided by ACN, Inc..

Knowles himself is living proof that the business model of ACN, Inc. really works. From being an IBO, he’s now head of the Dynasty International Team which aims to dominate the Latin American market in the next years. If you would not like to be poor anymore, you should not pass over opportunities real quickly – such as the one offered by ACN, Inc..

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