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Caring For Your Health In Ushering The Most Comfortable Holistic Healing

Health issues have a deep pull-effect on your body and mind. Besides the physical discomfort, your mind also has to bear the constant depression of staying unwell. Of course, your doctor tries his/her best to provide you the best drugs for relief, but the loopholes in this approach are undeniable. You get the relief, but it is only temporary because you need to keep on taking the medicines. This stems into further issues such as pill dependency and side effects. Besides, the regular usage also constantly siphons your money.

Permanence over temporary treatment

If you want a permanent solution, try holistic healing from recognized experts. This approach focuses on complete healing instead of suppression. The doctor attends to your ailment from a comprehensive approach, looking into the root cause, and gradually curing you fully and finally. A wide range of ailments falls under the purview of holistic treatment. These include auto-immune diseases, anti aging solutions, urology, weight loss, and digestive healing. Holistic Specialists at South Florida cares for curing your disease with the best approaches in activating the natural immunity mechanism of the body.

The specialists follow a combined approach of counseling and hormonal balancing to attain miraculous results. You never feel as free with the usual pill-dependent treatment plan. The experts commence their treatment side-by-side with your running medication, integrating the effects of the pills in their treatment plan. As your body learns to reorganize and reclaim immunity power, you start to enjoy the joys of an amazing life.

Helping with digestive issues

Issues with the digestive system are perhaps the commonest of all ailments. These include,

  • Acid reflux concerns leaving a burning sensation at the throat
  • Major constipation keeping you feeling unsettled throughout the day
  • Bloating and gas issues that follow
  • Chron’s disease

The professionals at the clinic patiently attend to your concerns to help restore the optimal health. The treatment plan covers the branches of the disease as well as the root hormonal imbalance causing the complaint. The specialists incorporate counseling approaches to convince you in initiating essential lifestyle changes. Believe it or not, your body accustoms itself to a disease through lifestyle activities that you can not control. As you take the effort to change how you view the disease, your body responds with miraculous healing.

Improved sexual health

Sexual issues are common with both adult men and women. While men suffer from low sex drive, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction, women have serious complaints of irregular periods. If nothing has been working perfectly, you should try the holistic approach. In this method, trained doctors identify your problem as a manifestation of metabolic aberrations in all physiological systems.

In other words, sexual issues are not solely problems of your reproductive system. The problems connect with your other physical systems such as the endocrine metabolism and mental health. Following a comprehensive approach, the doctor restores your health and confidence to initiate complete healing. Soon, you begin to enjoy life at the fullest without the concerns harping on your confidence.


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Why Choose Alternative Treatment for Anxiety Disorders?

About 40% adults in the US suffer from anxiety disorder.  If you or any of your loved ones are excessively worried about one thing or another in everyday life, then probably the roots might be deeper than you’d like to believe.

Anxiety is characterized by panic, uneasiness, fear, and worry. Some of the most common symptoms of the condition include sweating, insomnia, rapid heart rate, reduced libido and nausea.  When the symptoms become persistent, they can lead to emotional distress and interfere with the person’s regular activities.

Panic attack is a severe form of anxiety disorder. The symptoms of this condition include:

  • Intense spell of panic
  • Dread
  • Fear
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Excess sweating
  • Feeling of looming disaster

Causes of Anxiety Disorder

The causes of anxiety disorder have not yet been established. However, the attacks can get triggered by factors such as:

  • Intense stress
  • Emotional trauma such as an accident, death or divorce
  • Asthma drugs
  • Decongestants
  • Tobacco
  • Withdrawal symptoms

In some patients, the disorder could be caused by hereditary or physiological factors as well.


While the below mentioned steps would help you manage your anxiety or panic to some extent, it is highly recommended that you seek advice from Holistic Specialists professionals.

  • Avoiding alcohol and caffeine
  • Reducing sugar intake
  • Reducing intake of refined carbs
  • Avoiding food additives


Alternative Therapies

At Holistic Specialists, our experts will first examine your condition and then devise a detailed plan to help you recover as soon as possible.

Our experts will use a combination of the below mentioned therapies to treat anxiety disorders safely, without the side effects caused by the intake of modern medicines.



Meditation is the greatest stress buster. Our trained experts at Holistic Specialists will teach you meditation techniques.

Breathing Exercises

Our experts will train you to on various breathing exercises to tackle your anxiety. With these techniques, your anxious feelings will be kept in check.

Cardio exercises help in burning lactic acid and producing endorphins, chemicals that can boost your mood and help the body make efficient use of oxygen.


Probiotic Treatment

Research has proved that the good bacteria in our gut influence our brain and how it thinks and reacts. Our Holistic Specialists experts will guide you with probiotic use which will help you to lead a normal healthy life.


Our experts may also suggest time-tested remedies such as St. John’s Wort and Kava Kava, which have been used effectively for treating anxiety for a long time.

Kava has soothing effects and eases the symptoms of nervousness. St. John’s Wort is supported by many research studies, proving that it is safe for treating anxiety. It has also been found effective in treating mild to moderate levels of depression. Valerian root is an herb that has also shown significant calming effects.

Your Holistic Specialists experts will also design a diet plan to include foods rich in vitamin B, calcium and magnesium. These vitamins and minerals have been found to help improve the functioning of the nervous system. They are also required by the body for producing neurotransmitters that can speed up the transmission of communication between the nerve cells.

Don’t ignore your over anxious nature; consult Holistic Specialists today. We are located close to you. If you are from Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Boca Raton, call us now!

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