Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Lighting

 Flush or Semi-Flush Mount Lighting

When it comes to ceiling lights, the flush or semi-flush mount fixtures are the most commonly used in most homes. Such fixtures are very versatile, require little space and are available in numerous finishes, styles, and colors. They are also referred to as “close-to-ceiling” lights and are the lighting fixtures of choice for small rooms, closets, and hallways. They are also perfect for those locations where a table will always be underneath the fixtures or in corners of rooms.

Flush mounts are attached directly to the ceiling. They leave no space between the light and the fixture. Semi-flush mounts, on the other hand, hang from the ceiling leaving a small gap between the fixture and the light.

When to use Flush or Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights

Flush lights are best suited for rooms that are small to medium in size where space is limited. When the ceiling height is of 8 feet or less and people either have to walk underneath the light then flush mounts are the fixtures of choice.  They are also very effective in providing ambient light or general illumination and can lighten up a whole room. Flush or semi-flush lights are great for bathrooms, entryways, closets, hallways, bedrooms and other small rooms with low ceilings.

An elegant flush mount ceiling light is the 15-Light Round Black and Silver Flush-Mount Crystal Ceiling Lamp by Light Up My Home is a very modern light fixture featuring a charcoal black silk shade, chrome finish with chromed glass balls and crystal accents. Perfect for the bedroom, hallway, or dining room is the 25-Light Round Black and Silver Hanging Crystal Pendant with its splendid chrome shade.

For a more exciting yet sophisticated look to any room, the Large Square 24-Light 3-Tier Flush Mount Crystal Chandelier is resplendent with its 24-lights, chrome finish and 3-Level configuration that gives it that added depth. The shade is entirely made of very high quality crystal and stainless steel so you can be sure that it will last a very long time.

To lighten up your special room, the magnificent Large Square 24-Light White Crystal and Chrome Glass Flush Mount Chandelier provides a very unique elegance. With its 32 lights, chrome finish, white lined crystals, chrome glass balls and clear crystals that shimmer all throughout the fixture, it transforms any room to a stunning venue.


Another dazzler of a flush mounted ceiling light fixture is the magnificent 24-Light All Crystal Chrome Glass Flush Chandelier. It is an impressive round crystal chandelier that will surely give your hallway, dining room or kitchen a very tasteful look. It has an arresting chrome finish, 24 lights, chromed glass and clear crystals. Even its base dazzles with its stainless steel and crystals.

No matter what the size of your room, its ceiling height, and your budget, there is always the perfect flush or semi-flush mount ceiling light for you. The idea is to opt for the one that will surely be able to transform an otherwise ordinary room into something so special that you will be proud, not only to show it off, but to even just by being within it.

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